Friday, July 15, 2011

An Awesome Friday!

Today was a great day! I want to start this post on a light note with my random picture of the day! As you drive around Cuiaba you will likely find tons of places where they will wash your car (Inside and out). Many of them try to come up with unique names while others just go with a safe name like “car wash” (Very creative huh?) Today, however, we passed by a car wash called “Bob Esponja” (Sponge Bob for you English speakers). They had a picture of him up there and everything. When I saw it I just had to laugh.
     All right moving right along. . . This morning I had the opportunity to see how a Brazilian medical office works. IT is very different than the USA but at the end of the day they can do the same things as any other doctor. The doctors office is not there only to treat your ailments, but also to help teach you patience! If you ask anybody from Brazil though, nothing gets done fast. Everything takes time, so plan ahead!
     We finished the day off by going to my favorite feira (Market) a couple Bairrous over. We ate Churros, Pastels, and even drank a coke! Yummy! This is another great place to go out and see the Brazilian culture at its finest. There are many vendors that come to sell their fresh veggies or fish that they caught that morning. There are also many ladies there who make jewelry, rugs, towels etc.
     VBS is less than a week away!! We are all getting excited! Posters are being put up around Pedra, children are being invited, and preparations are being finalized! The t-shirts should be done early next week, and the big banners to go across the road should be done on Monday! It is going to be an awesome week, and a great way to end my internship here in Cuiaba! With the Lord’s help we are praying that many children will come and hear the Gospel, and as a result of them coming we will be able to get their parents into church! We appreciate your continued prayers!

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