Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday! (Prayer Update)

     Thank you so much for your prayers! It has become very evident to me throughout this whole trip (and even in preparation for the trip) that God still answers prayer! A few post back I asked you to pray about the situation with the schools not giving the kids a break which would make having VBS very hard, and to be quite honest with you I thought it was hopeless. The schools had said since the kids had missed so much school with the strikes that they were not giving a break. However, just a few days later, a couple of the schools gave into the pressure from the people to still give the kids a break. Not all the schools have agreed to give a break, but would you believe by coincidence (If you believe in them. . . I know it is the hand of God) that all the schools that the kids in our church go to have decided to give them a break the week we were planning on doing VBS! So, everything is a go for VBS which will start a week from this coming Monday!!

     Needless  to say we have been busy getting things ready for the VBS! Last week we designed and ordered the shirts for the workers, and might I say they look great! I believe they are finished, we just have to go downtown to pick them up! We also worked on making the name card / attendance cards for the kids. Since the theme is “Run the Race of Life” we decided to make numbers for each of the kids to wear like the runners in a race would. On each of these number cards is a place for their name and a place to punch holes in them every day that they come! What an awesome idea! (Wish I could claim it, but I think Mrs. Duarte came up with that one) We got all 216 of those finished on Monday afternoon. After doing those I decided I could never work on an assembly line where you have to do the same thing 8 hours a day every day! lol!

     On Tuesday night we went into town to the big fair! This is a big event for Cuiaba and takes place once a year! There were lots of rides, food, people, and animals! Can I just say, that I have NEVER seen cows so big! There was one cow that was taller than me! Woah! Yeah, so I decided not to mess with him. I did get a picture of him, but a picture does not do justice! We enjoyed seeing all the animals and tractors etc, but when it came time to eat we found out all the food at the fair was expensive! So we decided to get more food for less money and went to Turk’s burgers there in town. It was delicious! By the end of the night we were all worn out and ready for bed!

     Thanks for praying! Please continue to read and pray as I finish out my internship here in Brazil! I will only be here for 15 1/2 more days! That is hard for me to fathom! Have a wonderful Friday!


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