Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Bible School: Take 2

     Action! That is what today was! We had another great VBS today! It is so much fun to be with all of the kids. It makes me feel like a little kid all over again. Today was about getting rid of your extra baggage. It is hard to run in a race when you have a huge suitcase or bags full of junk. To illustrate this Mrs. Duarte used one of my huge suitcases I brought down here to Brazil and showed how hard it is to walk with the extra weight let alone run!
     The Bible story was about Lot and the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. I was amazed yet again today as the kids sat their captivated as Mrs. Duarte told the story. We had 68 kids today not including little kids or adults! God has been good and is blessing our VBS. Check out the pictures below, and to see all the pictures click on the link to view the album they are in!
     Continue to pray for our VBS and my final days here in Brazil. On Saturday I will be taking off from Cuiaba at 12:15 in the afternoon and will arrive in Washington exactly 24 hours later and 12:15 PM on Sunday (If everything runs on time). I will definitely miss Brazil and hope that I will be able to come back one day, if not as a missionary, at least to help out the Duartes! God has been good, and we are all looking forward to His continued working this week!

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