Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Update & A Prayer Request

     Today we have started working on Vacation Bible School with full force. It is hard to believe that it is only a week 1/2 away! Ahhh! So much to do and so little time. Even scarier than that is the fact that in three weeks I will be leaving Brazil! This brings mixed emotions to me. I am excited to see my family, Kelly, and all my church friends back in the USA, but I will very much miss Brazil and the people here :-(

     Our theme for VBS is going to be "Correndo A Corrida da Vida" (Run The Race of Life). Today we went out and bought decorations, materials, and planned for prizes. It is going to be awesome! We will being the VBS twice. One here in Pedra 90 and then we will be going over to 15 de Maio (This is the church that Lighthouse in Alexandria, VA bought the land for :-) for a second VBS. This brings me to a HUGE prayer request! About a week after I arrived here in Cuiaba the teachers in the public schools went on strike. Well just a couple days ago they finally went back to school! They were on strike for over a month! Because of all the school that was missed they are talking about taking away the two weeks of vacation the kids were supposed to have. This would mean some problems for our VBS seeing as we were planning on our VBS around these vacations so that kids could come. If you would pray that the schools would at least give one week of vacations so that we could do both of the Bible schools without any problems! Thank you in advance for your prayers!

     On a lighter note I have some pictures below of some sights here in Cuiaba that I saw as we were doing the monthly shopping yesterday. I just wanted to give you an idea of what the different parts of the city are like. As you will tell by the pictures they have some "American" things like McDonald's and Subway, but Brazilians are also proud of their heritage which is shown around the city by art and Statues. I even saw Pepsi at Atacadao for the first time since I came! Now if they could only start making Mtn. Dew. . . lol!

     I have come to love Brazil over the past 50 days of being here. The food, nature, and most importantly the people are amazing! There is such a need for more missionaries to come to Brazil, who will answer the call of God to go out into the harvest. The Harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few! Will you join me and the Duartes in praying that God would send (thrust) forth laborers into the harvest, and also be willing yourself to GO!

Have a great evening and keep the Lord first in everything that you do.

These are the two strawberry pies that I made for the picnic :-)
Everything was made out of scratch! Even the shell!

Cooking hamburgers over an open fire! yummy!

Laundry Day!

This is a Cashew. Yes a cashew is a fruit. What we eat in the US
is actually the little nut that is contained in the pod in the bottom.
Here in Brazil they eat the fruit part! I don't like it but lots of people do!


A Guitar and a man playing a musical instrument in one of the

This church is called New Wine Church. Why are there so many
false religions that people will follow but they are so blinded
to the truth!

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