Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Bible School: Day 5

     Well I will start it out on an exciting note we had 95 kids today in VBS! It was so exciting to see all of them there. Today was the grand finale with prizes being given out for the people who brought the most visitors for the week. The girl who won had brought 19 people and the second place girl brought 18 visitors! The girls who won got a lotion from Bath & Body Works and the two guys got soccer balls.

     Today was the story of the bridegroom and the wedding asking the kids if they were prepared with for the wedding to begin, or were they going to be like the maidens who did missed the wedding. We are hoping that from the VBS we will have several kids that will begin coming to Sunday School and church. We also were able to get most of the kids addresses so that over the next several months the Duartes will be able to visit the families and hopefully be able to reach them with the Gospel of Christ.

     We just finished cleaning the church from VBS and everything is set up ready to go for church tomorrow night. Now I just have to finish packing my things for my flight tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for your prayers this week! We could not have done it without the power of God present!


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