Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I Love Brazil!

     Well, there is no one answer, but I thought I would write and share some pictures and tell you why I love Brazil! Of course I will not go into a ton of detail since you probably would not want to read a long post Smile
     The first reason would have to be because of all of the fresh fruit! One of my favorite parts about Monday's is going out and picking lemons off of the tree and bringing them inside to make some fresh squeezed lemonade! It is sooo delicious! I also love the oranges and the orange juice! You definitely have to come and try some fresh orange juice! I have never had anything like it! Oh! and as you will be able to tell by the picture below Lemons and Oranges are both green here!

     I also love the wildlife here in Brazil! Yesterday I was able to get a picture of a toucan! On Saturday while the guys were digging out the pond at the chacara they killed a baby Anacanda! It was pretty small, but where there is a baby there is always a mom! I don’t think I will be swimming in the pond anytime soon Smile lol!


     The people here in Brazil are also awesome! I have enjoyed living with the Duartes and being a part of their family for a while! I am so thankful for them allowing me to come to work under them for the summer! The people here at the church are so kind! They are so patient with me as I try to understand Portuguese! There are many times when they will repeat themselves several times and talk in slow motion just so that I can hear and understand what they are saying.

     God has been so good while I have been here in Brazil! He has protected me spiritually and physically while I have been here! Not once have I gotten sick from the food or water, which I am very thankful for! I am also thankful for the two souls that have gotten saved since I have been here! God is till in the business of answering prayers, so keep praying!

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