Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bon Voyage!

     Today was my day to say goodbye to the wonderful country of Brazil. Right now I am thousands of feet in the air on my way to Sao Paulo. Once I arrive in Sao Paulo I will have to wait for my next plane to take off at 12:00 AM headed to Miami. I enjoyed the plane take off today because it gave me a different view of Cuiaba. I was able to see many landmarks I recognized (Including: The big Catholic church downtown, Pedra 90, and the 3 Americas Mall). From the sky you can see the thousands upon thousands of homes surrounding Cuiaba. Many of the bairros have no Gospel witness at all yet there are thousands of souls living there! Cuiaba is definitely a city in need of the Gospel.

     Last night the people of Igreja Batista Remenescente threw me a surprise going away party. They even made an awesome cake with the Brazilian flag on it! Check out the pictures below. I was in complete shock when Mrs. Duarte told me to go out on the porch and there in the church yard was a big group of the church people! I had several of the church members ask me when I was coming back to be a missionary in Cuiaba, and I said only God knows if and when I will. Then they all assured me they were praying that God would bring me to Cuiaba. I love the people in the church!


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