Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bachelor's Night

     Josh and I had an awesome time Saturday night here in Pedra 90. While all the couples were stressing out about getting all dressed up and ready to go eat Josh and I were relaxing preparing for our night of fun! As soon as everybody left Josh and I broke out the cookies and milk. Then we decided we were hungry so we walked down the street and grabbed some food and a liter of Coke :-) Sadly the coke was only for those who were 2 years of age and above upon Jessica's request. I thought about giving Josh some, but Jessica threatened that if I did Josh would be staying in my room! So we just got orange juice for supper and I drank the Coke later :-)

     Monday was a good day spent doing laundry. I cut my foot on a piece of glass, but it is not too bad. No stitches needed :-) After prayer Alex, Jessica, Joshua and I went out and grabbed a bite to eat a couple of bairros over. It was delicious!

     Well camp is this week. .  . so today I spent a lot of time preparing things for the games. I have been put in charge of the afternoon activity time, so I have been trying to find games to have a lot of fun!

     Hopefully you are having a great week! Take care and may God bless!

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