Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Adventure

     Today was a great day! This morning I was able to talk to my mom and we had a great conversation. I am very thankful for my family and how much of an encouragement they are to me! After I finished talking with her I put on my work outfit and headed outside to find that we were going to begin painting the wall today! It looks awesome! I love painting so this was fun for me. We finished painting the main section of the wall and now only have the garage left. Then we will paint a lot of the other parts that already had stucco on them. As you can tell by the picture I am not sure if I got more paint on me or on the wall!?!? lol o well. I had fun!


      This afternoon Mr. Duarte and I rode the bus downtown to run some errands. This was my first time on a bus here. What an adventure! On the way downtown the bus was pretty empty which made it very nice. We walked around downtown laughed at some guys on stilts, saw a couple of mimes, and even got some free pop-corn! Then we both got tapioca. This is not pudding like you are probably thinking. . . it is mantioch flower fried with a filling in it. We got tapioca dolce (Sweet tapioca) which had pineapple/sweet & condensed milk in it! MMMM! It was delicious! On the way back the bus was a little fuller, but not as full as some of the other buses I saw. There were some buses where people were hanging out the doors it was so full!
Joshua playing in a ball pit :-)
      Tonight I went out with Jessica, Alex, and Joshua. Joshua is so cute. He can say my name now! Well. . . kinda of he says "Danbo" but that is good enough for me! Tonight in the car I was singing the B-I-B-L-E song to him and after I finished he started trying to spell Bible! He got some letters mixed up and added a few in, but he was trying! It is amazing how fast kids pick up on things. We went to the Three Americas mall and ate at a Subway! It was just like a Subway in the USA but not as many choices of subs. I got a club sub and boy was it tasty! Of course I had to get a nice cold coke to wash it down! So concludes my exciting day. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow if the Lord wills! Thanks for reading!

     O yeah. . . . Found out one of my good friends got engaged today! Congratulations Donny McMenamin and Mollie Mann! So happy for you guys!

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