Sunday, June 26, 2011


     Well, camp is already over! This was the week I have been "worried" about since Icame down to Brazil. I had a blast, and hope that the kids did too :-) There were apporx. 150 people at the camp in total (This number includes adults and staff). It was my job to plan and run the games for the kids. Be sure to check out the slide show in the side column, Facebook, or Picasa to see the pictures of camp!!

     My lack of Portuguese is why I was so worried about this task. How am I supposed to get a group of 100 kids to understand a game that I have planned, and I can only speak English!?!? However, Chico was my designated translator and we had a blast running the games! We played capture the flag, steal the bacon, over & under, shoe race, etc. The kids favorite game was capture the flag, even though it was probably the most unsuccessful  Since there were three teams, every game had to be adapted in order to work. With capture the flag there were kids complaining and arguing, so we decided to end it early. However, after that every kid came up to me and asked if we could play it again! lol! I am so thankful that God helped me and worked through me this week.

     It was great to see many decisions made throughout the week. I have heard of several boys who received assurance of their salvation! Praise the Lord! I know that summer camp played a vital role in my life growing up. There are many decisions that I made that can be directed back to a message I heard at camp. It was a blessing to be able to be part of a camp as a worker and be able to impact other children's lives for the glory of God!

     I must say when it was time to come home to Pedra 90 I was not ready. I could have stayed at the camp for another few days!

     Winter has finally started to show itself here in Cuiaba. Last night after church everyone went running for their coats, and I even got my extra quilt out to try and keep warm through this cold spell. I was so cold last night that I got up and looked at the thermometer and it said it was 70 F!! I knew it must be broken, but it was correct! It is amazing how fast you can become acclimated to the warm weather! Hope you have an awesome evening service at your church tonight, and I will write again very soon!

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