Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week of Silence

     It is hard to believe that it has been a little over a week since my last blog update. I am sorry for the silence on here. Been doing a lot lately and blogging got put on the back burner.

     Last Sunday was pastor appreciation Sunday here in Brasil, so the ladies of the church prepared a delicious meal! Alex was the griller of the day making sure all the churrasco was perfect! It was all so delicious! I will miss churrasco when I go back to the USA.

     Started out the week like any other week doing laundry. No snakes or anything like that so a pretty uneventful day. We also had prayer meeting Monday night.

     Tuesday was a day of rest/ inside work. I spent a good bit of time working on my counseling project for school next semester, and did some Greek reading. I also found time to fit in some Portuguese practice. In the midst of all of this I made some secret plans. . . (some which I will tell you in this post and others you will have to wait and see!!). All in all it was a great day and I got a lot accomplished.

     On Thursday we went out to the camp in Varzea Grande (Just the other side of the Rio Cuiaba) which Peter Doolittle runs. Next week I will be working there with him, and I am in charge of the games in the afternoon. Mrs. Doolittle fixed an awesome meal, and we enjoyed good fellowship. I got a tour of the camp so I could get an idea of where the games will be and how I need to plan. They have an awesome piece of property right outside of town. It was amazing how quiet it was at the camp compared to Pedra 90.

     Friday Pastor Duarte had some car problems which prevented us from working on the wall. However, I was able to video Skype Kelly's 4 y/o class and talk to them about missions and living in a foreign country. We need to be training the young one's now because they are our future leaders in the ministry. In the afternoon we went downtown to the Pantanal Shopping Mall. It is the more expensive mall here in Cuiaba. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a purse for $3,000 R. or approx. $1,900.00 USD!!! No thank you! It was very nice though (As long as you were just walking around and not buying anything). :0 They are even building a Burger King in the mall (The first one to come to Cuiaba).
Me talking to Kelly's class about missions.

Kelly's class holding my prayer cards

     Now to let you know my surprise. . . I know you are just dying to know. Well, here in Brasil Sunday is Valentines Day, so in honor of the holiday I had 2 dozen red roses delivered to Kelly at work. She loved them and so did the kids! I am so thankful that God has given me such a wonderful, godly girlfriend! Ok, ok I will stop with the mushy stuff now. lol

The flowers I sent Kelly for Valentines Day

     Saturday in the morning we worked on our wall which is coming along very nice! We are over 3/4 of the way finished with the stucco! After we finish we will paint it, and it will look amazing!

     Today after Sunday School we went over to the Raehl's church on the other side of the city for a fish cook-out. There was fried fish boiled fish, smoked fish. . . . Fish, fish, and more fish! It was delicious!! Then we sang happy birthday to Jessica Lima (Formerly Duarte) and two other people. Today was also Valentines day so of course I let Kelly know how much I love her :-) I was also able to preach tonight in church on the story of Daniel in the lions den (one of my favorites :-) It was a little rougher than last time but God can use us in spite of our deficiencies. I am so thankful God has chosen to use somebody like me (the foolish) to confound the wise.

My Amazing Girlfriend

     I will attempt to keep up with the blog this week. Hope God richly blesses your week!

~ Daniel Bishop

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