Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday (The Lord's Day)

     I absolutely love everything about Sunday! I love getting together and having fellowship with God's people, I love playing the piano, I love singing praises to my God, I love hearing the Word of God, and I love seeing the Word of God work in my heart and in other's hearts!

     This past Sunday was no different! We had an awesome Sunday School continuing our lessons on "Super heroes" in the Bible (A study of different men and women in the Bible that are good examples for Christians). Of course it is always fun singing the choruses and kid's songs in the opening :-) Then Sunday afternoon we enjoyed some fellowship around the table and some time to relax and study.

     Sunday night was an absolutely amazing service! There was a group of people that walked in at the last moment, six couples with their wives, and one child! Come to find out Adilson had invited some of the police officers that work at the jail with him, and they came and heard an excellent message from God's Word!

     There was also another lady who has been coming to church for three weeks, and she came forward and accepted the Lord as her Saviour! Pastor Duarte and Mrs. Duarte both prayed for her in front of the church, and we all rejoiced along with her in this very important decision!

     God is still very much alive and is still able to work in the heart's of people! God saving grace is abundant and free, and offered TO EVERYONE! Amen!! We closed the service out by singing, "Because He Lives."

     God is good and is working here in Cuiaba. We would appreciate your continued prayers, and look forward to seeing the continuing work of God!

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