Friday, June 3, 2011

The Harvest Truly is Plenteous

     Today was spent driving around Cuiaba and seeing the different bairros (neighborhoods). Just to give you a vivid picture of how immensly huge the city is. . . there are 250 bairros in the Greater Cuiaba (this includes Varzea Grande) with nearly 1 million people living in these bairros! Yesterday we got the map of Cuiaba out and marked all of the I.F.B. churches (Independent Fundamental Baptist) and there are only 8 churches!
       That is 1 church for every 125,000 people!!!! Think about that!! There are bairros upon bairros that do not have a good gospel preaching church in them. Of course the Catholics are there and the Mormons. There are hundreds of prosperity churches around, all leading people to an eternity in Hell! Surely there is a great need, yet the laborers are few. Would you join me in praying that God would send forth laborers into his harvest!

     Today we also went to the state university's "zoo" which contains only animals natural to this state. It was amazing! There were snakes, cayman, and many beautiful birds! Be Sure to check out the slideshow on the sidebar! Below is a picture of the biggest anaconda that they had (In perspective it really is not big for an anaconda), but I sure would not want to mess with it. It was along the back wall of the exhibit, so we could not get a good picture. However, Mrs. Duarte told me to climb up the back wall of the next exhibit to get a good picture! I told her she was crazy thinking she was kidding, but she started to climb! Well that made me feel bad so I climbed up and snapped this picture! How would you like to wrestle with him in the wild!?!

     Tonight we all went to the feira a few bairros over to do some shopping and see some more of the Brasilian culture. We had an awesome time of fellowship, eating, and walking! I ate some awesome food, but my favorite thing by far was the churro! It is a long pastry fried and then rolled in cinnamon sugar and filled with your choice of chocolate or dolce de leite! It was delicious, and I definitely have to go back and get another one before I leave!

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