Saturday, May 28, 2011


     Well we had an awesome Saturday! This morning was spent getting ready for tomorrow morning, and then this afternoon Mr. Duarte and I fixed the fence in the backyard to make sure the dogs did not get out.

     Now it is about 10 PM and I am freezing cold! I am covered up and am considering getting another blanket out! I jsut checked the temperature on line and it says it is 73 F lol! IT is amazing how fast your body gets used to the heat. So really I guess it is not that cold, but right now it does feel like it.

     Tonight before supper I was talking to my dad about how things weer going, and he asked me what we had going on the rest of the night. I said nothing, just going to rest and get ready for church tomorrow. Then, I went out to eat dinner and Jessica and Alex were not there. .. . so I asked Mrs. Duarte where they were and she informed me they were getting ready for church. About that moment I had a bizillion thoughts run through my head. Wow! they are getting an early start for tomorrow morning, it must take them a while to get ready. . . Huh?? IT is Saturday we have church!?!?!? O know I am not ready. . . HAHAHA very funny you almost had me there. About that time she said what we didn't tell you we had church on Saturday night? I am sorry. . . I thought it was so funny! I had 15 min before the service so was able to get cleaned up and ready and even made it early!

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