Monday, May 23, 2011

Hangin' Around

     Well, we started out this morning by leaving at 7 for the chacara. It is only about 15 Kilometers away, but because of the bad condition of the roads, it takes almost an hour! Once there though, I realized why they enjoy their chacara. It is out in the country with about 6 acres. On the property there are many mango trees, which make for a great place to hang up a hammock and relax! Of course, we did just that! We were hangin' around in the trees for a few hours just talking and relaxing!

     Of course, there was also much work to be done. Mrs. Duarte and Jessica Duarte washed clothes while Mr. Duarte worked on taking care of their injured horse. I was in charge of refilling the water containers with fresh drinking water from the well.

     At 4 we headed back to Cuiaba for the evening prayer service. After the service, we sat down and did some brain storming about VBS. We bounced around many ideas and decided that our theme is going to be "Run the Race of Life." It is going to be awesome! We made approx. 300 bookmarks all with little ribbons on them. We are going to print out the verse and also glue it on the bookmarks.

     Tomorrow Mr. Duarte is talking about starting on some work projects here around the church. Painting the fence, putting stucco sp? on the side wall of the property, and cleaning up the back are just a few. Should be a busy and good day!

     Thanks for your prayers it is obvious to see that God is at work. I neglected to write in yesterdays post about visitation! Mr. Duarte and I went out on Sunday afternoon to the edge of town and did some door to door visiting. One house we went to the lady listened to the whole plan of salvation, but thought that her sins were too big for God to forgive. Mr. Duarte assured her God was very able to forgive her, and she bowed her head and accepted Christ as her Saviour! I am so glad that we serve a God who is able to forgive every sin, and loves us so much to allow us to come to Heaven to be with Him!

    Hope you guys have a great Tuesday! Take care and I will write tomorrow!

~ Daniel Bishop

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