Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to Brasil!

      Well after 20 long hours on airplanes and in airports I have finally arrived in Cuiaba! We got to the house here at about 2 AM. It is was so good to be on the ground outside of an airport. I am so thankful that God helped me get here safely without any problems. On the plane from Miami to Brasilia, I sat next to a man named Rico. Once we were on the ground in Brasilia he helped interpret for me as I tried to figure out how to navigate customs. I very thankful God sat me next to him!

     Today we rested a lot to recover from getting in so late last night. After lunch I went outside and raked leaves from the mango tree, then just came inside and rested some more. It was a very hot day today. Outside it was 95 F with 45% humidity, but since it is winter, it cools down a lot at night. It is only 78 F outside right now and will stay cool throughout the morning. Tonight we had a welcoming service for Omar and Tracey Schrock and their family. They arrived in Cuiaba on Thursday, and will be working with the Duartes and the Lockharts. 

     I found out this afternoon that I will be able to preach tomorrow night in church! This will be my first time speaking through an interrupter. . .. eh. . . I mean an interpreter. .. lol so I am very nervous. Jeremy will be interpreting for me, and this will be his first time ever interpreting a sermon! So needless to say we are both nervous, but are praying that God would use us despite our deficiencies for His glory.

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