Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preaching in Pedra 90

Today was an awesome day! We had sunday school this morning, and I went to the Jr age class so I could try and pick up some of the lesson. (Their lesson was a little more simple than the Revelation series the adult class is going through :) Then after Sunday School we went out to a restaurant in Cuiaba called Alex's. Had some awesome food which included fried squash plantain and many other good foods. Then it was back to the house to study for my sermon tonight.

     You may be wondering about what the title of this post means... Well the "neighborhood" we are in is called Pedra 90, hence the name of this post :-) As far as the preaching, it went awesome! Praise the Lord for helping me and Jeremy as I preached and Jeremy interpreted! He has only been in Brazil for a little over one year, but did an awesome job translating! God is good.

     After the service I was able to talk to Jeremy about many of the things that he has learned since arriving in Cuiaba. It was awesome! I always enjoy talking to missionaries that are out there working doing what I am learning in the classroom!
     Well I have to run. We are waking up early in the morning to head over to the Duarte's chacara about an hour away. Really looking forward to seeing it! Hope you have a great day!

Until Tomorrow!

     Daniel Bishop

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