Friday, May 27, 2011

The End of A Week

      So. . . week one of my trip is already over!! My, how time flies! So I figured in honor of the completion of my first week in Brasil, I would write about the interesting things I have found here.

#1: Salt and Pepper. Yes, Salt and pepper are something that in America we have on our tables easily accessible to everyone. However, here in Brasil they do not have either one on the table, and if you ask for salt or pepper it is highly offensive.

#2: A Black Cow. Now you are wondering huh?!?!?! I found out last night that if you put coke on your ice cream, they call it a vaca preta, or a black cow.

#3: Rice and beans. Rice and beans are a must at every meal. I love rice and beans so this is great, but sorry if you don't!

#4: Undershirts & Flip-flops. People here do not wear under shirts!! This was awesome to find out because it is so hot down here that wearing another layer of clothes is almost unbearable. Also, here I can wear flip-flops almost all the time. I have only put on my shoes twice :-) Both times were for church. I love Brasil!!

     Well I will have to stop there even though there is a lot more I could write. Have a great day! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might!

~ Daniel Bishop

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  1. Love you and praying for you, sweetheart!