Monday, May 30, 2011

Laundry Day!

     Today was laundry day! We went out to the chacara and worked on laundry all morning. Well Mrs. Duarte and Jessica worked all morning on laundry. While they were doing their laundry I filled up the water jugs with well water so we would have something to drink here at the house, then I did my laundry and hung it out to dry.

     After lunch we went out to the mango trees and hung hammocks up and relaxed. Then it was time to collect the laundry and get ready to head back home for the evening prayer service. It hit me tonight how much more needs to be done just here in Cuiaba! There are so many neighborhoods which have an abundance of false churches, but nobody to take the Truth of God's Word to them! The Duartes can not do it on their own! I began praying today that God would send more people down here to help reach Cuiaba for Christ!

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